Air Conditioning Questionnaire

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Problem Details

What is the actual complaint?
When did the problem first occur?
Is the problem intermittent?
Have there been any recent repairs?
What type of repairs have been done?
Does the cab air conditioner blow hot, warm or cold air from dash ducts?
Does the bunk air conditioner blow hot, warm or cold air from bunk ducts?
Does the problem happen at highway speeds?
Is the A/C cool in the morning?
Is the A/ C warm in the afternoon?
Does the problem happen during in-town traffic stop and go driving?
Does the interior glass fog?
Is the air conditioning compressor belt installed and tight?
Is the engine fan operational?
Is the fan on all the time?
Does the fan cycle on and off?
Is the radiator, condenser or CAC clogged with debris?
Is the A/C compressor cycling?
What is the cycle time of the compressor?